Liquidating business inventory

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When Sports Authority was bought by a hedge fund 10 years ago, it was the largest sporting goods retailer.

But it has struggled with the debt load associated with that leveraged buyout a decade ago. "Someone who wants to shop in a brick-and-mortar store and try on the baseball glove, or get the feel of a golf club, wants a better shopping experience," said Larry Perkins, of Sierra Constellation Partners, an expert in retail reorganizations.

If the average selling price of a Mary Kay product is (and that’s generous) – why on EARTH you need a 00 (,200 retail package PLUS bonuses = what, ,800?? ) in product – that’s over 1,000 UNITS of products – OVER ONE THOUSAND PRODUCTS for you to store, keep track of (“now I know I had a periwinkle eye shadow in here somewhere but I can’t find it — gee, I wonder why?

— so I guess I’ll call Suzie Consultant and exchange something with her”) and use on your TAXES AS AN ASSET – yes, inventory IS AN ASSET when it comes to tax time, no matter what your up-line says.

She didn’t make any REAL money until she started climbing on the backs of her newest “independent beauty consultants”.

All the while she claimed P&L meant People and Love. Because she HIRED OTHER PEOPLE TO DO HER DIRTY WORK.

First of all, have you ever thought, k “entire life savings” and using the words retirement in the same sentence seemed odd? She claimed to be top sales in other Direct Sales companies – where was all that money?

Mary Kay’s biography has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Let me put it this way, in the Midwest, we call that UNEMPLOYED. She didn’t give up retirement for anyone – she needed something – it was called MONEY.

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If you pay 7-10% in sales tax in your state, they will “generously” charge you that too – because they know you are the end-user (duh!

They were told in no uncertain terms by their NSDs (who were the hired henchmen at that time, because even corporate couldn’t look women in the eyes while they lived in their mansions and drove their expensive cars and tell Directors, the HARDEST WORKING PEOPLE IN THEIR COMPANY that they would not receive a raise – not even cost of living and had not for years – because? A few years ago there was a large discussion on the internet about how many times Mary Kay the woman had been married.

While it may not be interesting in today’s standards, it certainly was for the mid 1900s. I believe she had 4 if not 5 husbands before she died.

And don’t even bring up the “donations” tax contribution – save yourself the pain and agony of the 15-30% it might give you in a tax break (on a 100% full priced product) and stop donating lemongrass eye shadow to the homeless.

The LAST thing a woman who is homeless needs is an ugly ol’ dried up product to make them feel worse about themselves.

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